Saint City got its name...well...because we live in a city named after a saint.  The supper club was born from the idea that the food scene in San Antonio is flourishing and why not have one more place you can go and eat amazing food. Some months we'll feature local chefs from around SA, some months we'll have a throw down between 2 chefs, and some months we'll have nationally recognized chefs from outside of San Antonio and Texas.  One thing is certain though...the menu is never the same.  We give the chefs full autonomy on what they want to create and feed the supper club members each dinner.

Seating is limited to 24-30 members each dinner.  Ticket prices can vary anywhere from $50 - $150 per person.  There are normally anywhere from 4-8 courses per dinner.  We will announce when tickets are released for sale through email...and sometimes on Facebook.  The best bet is to sign up on  at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email j@saintcitysc.com.