Saint City got its name...well...because we live in a city named after a saint.  The supper club was born from the idea that the food scene in San Antonio is flourishing and why not have one more place you can go and eat amazing food. When we began in Spring of 2017, our focus was on a monthly seated dinner for 20-30 people, with the occasional cooking class and social event sprinkled in. We had everything from local cooks to James Beard finalists as guest chefs.

Starting in 2019, the focus and format of Saint City Supper Club has shifted a little bit. In line with the mission of Saint City Culinary Foundation, our attention has shifted to spending our time and resources improving the lives of the men and women working in the food & beverage service industry. As the reach of Saint City Culinary Foundation moves into other cities, we hope you will continue to follow us on this journey to change the lives of those that serve us on a daily basis.